Welcome to XYZBots, working to provide Free Software for motion control systems while gaining interest in robotics.

Also, available for hire; facility design, process development and software development

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Try Millcrum - make sure you trust your ISP and that you are using a secure local network (another SSL certificate is not in the budget), or just grab the Millcrum source directly at

It requires programming knowledge, but if you are looking to create parts from sheets of material it is an ideal tool.

RepRapWeb - for 3d Printers

A Web Based 3d Printer Controller for RepRap and other 3d Printing Systems which runs locally without cloud dependencies.

Includes CuraEngine and Slic3r for STL -> GCODE Conversion without ever having to leave the browser.

GRBLWeb - for CNC Machines

A Web Based CNC Controller for GRBL that runs locally without cloud dependencies.

Integrated CAM for SVG -> GCODE Conversion with Jscut.


RepRapWeb and GRBLWeb are both still Beta software, you can find more information on helping with development/documentation on Github or at the mailing list.

Find support for and other users of GRBLWeb/RepRapWeb at the mailing list/support group -!forum/xyzbots-support