A Web Based CNC Controller with SVG -> GCODE CAM Conversion for GRBL


Installation Instructions for Raspberry Pi SD Card

Download the image for your device.

Select your operating system for instructions on how to flash the SD Card.

GRBLWeb has a default baud rate of 9600, the standard for GRBL .8. If you are using GRBL .9 you will need to ssh to the Raspberry Pi using the instructions below and modify /home/pi/grblweb/config.js to change the baud rate to 115200.

Once the SD card is flashed, just plug your GRBL device into the Raspberry Pi USB port and boot the Pi with the newly flashed SD card.

If you have multiple CNC's, just plug them in to the USB ports and they will automatically show up in GRBLWeb. You will need to reboot the Pi after connecting a new device.

Accessing the Interface after flashing the rPi

The Raspberry Pi will need to be connected via ethernet where it will request a DHCP address from your local network. You can then use the software at http://rpIpAddress/

You can also connect the device to a WiFi network by first connecting via ethernet and ssh'ing to the device then editing /etc/network/interfaces

The default ssh login is pi/raspbian, it is recommended that you change this with passwd.

Install from Source Code

You can also grab the source code and run GRBLWeb from source. Instructions are located in the README at Git Repository.


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